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[OWNER] SlappyGilmore aOWNER posted Sun at 10:32
It's on the way...

Hey guys, as you all may know the new EULA is coming in; the way of Minecraft itself is changing. Life can never be as easy as it should be, and there's almost always an unexpected difficulty in the way. This one being Mojang themselves, due to the new EULA we're no longer allowed to accept money for ranks as of August 1rst.

If you've paid for a rank in the past, you will keep your rank. However! At the point of August first you will no longer be able to pay for ranks; only donate to keep the server alive. So we could use all the money we can get our hands on now to hopefully survive until Mojang realizes the mistake they made. We may have to do some downsizing, but we will survive for at least another 6 months as we're standing. I thank everyone for there interest in helping the server, and we're actually coming up on the 1 year anniversary pretty soon :)!

So the main points...
• If you bought a rank before August 1rst it will remain.
• After August 1rst you will not be able to buy ranks.
• After August 1rst we'll be running strictly on 'Donation' basis.


mattandpatrick12 I'll do the same (When I manage to get my parents PayPal account details)
JC_Plays_MC There are always loopholes... ...
Sage_Was_Here If you need help with donations (if the server runs out of money) I'll help you as much as I can.
These are rewards being given at the end of June!
52 votes

MrBloodyHackers Also, I don't have the money it says I won.
MrBloodyHackers Ok, but I don't have a PayPal.How am I supposed to use the 50$?
DANIEL_AWSOME 1337 to default,that was a good use of 25$.


[OWNER] SlappyGilmore aOWNER posted Apr 10, 14

The server is up! :D

Today we switch to Intreppid Hosting!

+ Powered by Intel Xeon E5-1650
+ 10 Gbps / 2,000,000 PPS DDoS Protected IP
+ Gigabit Port Included

These are the new features of this host, and the reason we're switching over!

What does this mean?
At approximately 10:00 ~ 10:30AM EST today the server will go offline. The servers IP Address will be changed as soon as we can afford to change it. Though an IP Address can take up to 24 hours to propagate with our 'Prison.fatalitymc.com' to avoid any further downtime as soon as the file transfers are completed the temporary server IP will be given on the website, posted above.

If you have any problems connecting soon after or with lag on the server we will most likely switch back to our current host. This is simply a test run to see if it's a suitable host for the server!

Other than the temporary downtime no files will be altered & everything will remain the same. Please keep calm & spread the word about the update to all of your friends!

Was more than amazing to us, but it's time we implement some DDoS protection. If you're looking for a small test server, or even to start up a server they're definitely the place to start for those of you interested.


[OWNER] SlappyGilmore aOWNER posted Dec 23, 13
minecraft servers
Use our Banner as your Forum Signature!
On all websites!


Server Reset!
The server had been compromised on 2/16/14, these players dropped all kinds of items causing a huge mess on the server. This has been the first "full wipe" we've done in the existence of the server. We're sorry for the inconvenience; the only server backup we had was from 2/10/14. That file was just the Prison world itself and backups are now being done daily!

All staff will now have to use a new plugin "LoginSecurity", and all players also have the option to use it; if they believe their account could ever be at risk...

How to use it?
/Register <Password>
You will use this password every time you join the server.
/ChangePass <OldPassword> <NewPassword>
Change your password if you'd like.
/Login <Password>
This is what you'll type every time you join the server, before you can move.

The final result ended with resetting every players inventories, homes, vaults, money, and enderchests. No one will be getting their items back as there were 13,000 Unique total players and that's just not an easy number to hand things out to. Players ranked Peasant or higher will be able to use the reset kit; just a little advantage over the newbs.

All players kept their hard earned ranks on the server, all donators kept their ranks too! Do not panick, we would never reset the ranks if we didn't have to. If you would like your rank reset back to D-Block; and a nice fresh start go ahead and type...

/Mail Send SlappyGilmore <Reset me to D-Block?>

I thank everyone of you for staying dedicated to the server, and hope we can make a comeback from this awful mess. I know the server was starting to run around 30~40 players constant again with some intense advertising and a lot of money spent. My MacBook is being restored; hopefully removing any vicious malware/spyware. If anyone is interested in helping the server out, please don't hesitate to apply for a rank on our Minecraft Forums page!

Type this in game...

Are You Lagging in Game?
Graphics: FAST
Smooth Lighting: OFF
3D Anaglyph: OFF
Brightness: ANY LEVEL
Particles: MINIMAL
Render Distance: TINY
Performance: MAX FPS
View Bobbing: OFF
Clouds: OFF
Make sure all settings in game settings are like this to ensure reduced FPS Lag. Once Optifine is released you may use it! This will be the only mod we accept, ask otherwise.
bingbash89 the y for /activeuser is -71 how are we meant to get that?
ApollianAries I'm guessing there's nothing i can do about my /ActiveUser being under the map huh?
jaytrollsgamming slappy I have been kicked for a miss understanding over me having a guard sword I cleared my inventory and sage_was_here ...
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