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Hey guys, Sorry that the servers been whitelisted for a very long time, as you all probably know, we're still trying to build some extra things to the server, and not alot of our builders are active, so with that being said, If anybody wants to help build, or just help placing sell signs, anything, non-server related, leave that to me and slappy =p, Send me a P.M you wont be given op, of course but you will be given creative and a private world to build on, i will copy and paste the spawn in that world so, you can build off of it if need be, if you can build offhand thats also fine, but, anybody who helps, gets a chance at a temp-mod when the servers fully done!

Thanks For Reading, Hope you see a message from you guys soon, 





Also i just wanted to take the time and say that we're switching to a 100% faction server once we reset. its just alot easier to manage, with that being said, i hope that doesnt make people upset, All donation ranks will stay to the person who purchsed the rank, nothings changing there, I hope to see you all soon!





sniperpro2341 Yeah, I was 1337. I hope my $50 wasn't wasted
mattandpatrick12 How do I get my donor rank back


SlappyGilmore aOWNER posted Dec 23, 14

50% off sale, the old ranks are back and we're going to start getting some more players online! Unfortunately my MacBook broke, and it's going to take some time for me to get a new laptop up and running for the server. Start bringing your friends onto the server, it's go time! If anyone has any questions or has played on the server for a long time and would like to help contribute please send me a text message!


If anyone can bring us a constant 25 players by themselves they'll be rewarded with the Warden rank! So let's make some sort of competition here, and we'll see what we can do!

Thank you for your time,

(Posting from my new HP Stream Laptop!)

Looking to downsize the prison, so if anyone is interested in helping on a build project please let me know as well!

I'd like to change over to a 16 or less rank prison server, with a more precise economy. Meaning I don't want every rank to be $100,000,000; I'd like to see the upgrade to the top rank being $1,000,000 instead.
Basically meaning cobblestone would be worth $1.00 in the shop or less, diamond being around $25.00 and so on...

Text me, when we have a team ready we'll start up!
(This would involve a full restart of the server and the only thing that would stay with the characters are the previously sold donator ranks.)
andrewmark16 hey slappy ive been playing for a year or so and before the restart i did get about 30 people from my old skype on so ma ...
TsoInfinite My skype is didkjeih im fairly active just let me know if you need my help
TsoInfinite Hey slappy i think i could be up for it it just depends what we are looking at here but from what it sound it might just ...


SlappyGilmore aOWNER posted Nov 1, 14

Hey guys, a lot of you may have noticed my inactivity for the past month or two. I'm not going to sit here and give you a million excuses. Overall I started working again, it's what I have to do in order to survive. In the servers prime I could afford to sit back and let it grow and consider this my job, because we were bringing in enough money.

Now, with the EULA and just plain lack of interest things aren't going the way they used to. As time progresses the game gets worse, and I loose my interest as do many of you. However I am just checking in on how things are going, if you have any simple suggestions I can do for the server to make it temporarily better until I figure something else out that would be great.

I currently was just diagnosed with Mono, and therefor I'm not actually leaving this year as originally planned. And when I'm not working I'm usually sleeping. So... If anyone is interested in giving me some suggestions shoot me a text! 


Please make them short and simple suggestions, I don't want to spend countless hours in time that I don't have adding one simple thing.

I've marked everything in the shop down to 50% for the entire month.

(The server will continue to have the occasional downtime until the first version of the 1.8 Spigot is released. If however the server goes down I will not know until I receive a text, so make sure you send me one if you notice it's down!)
Belegar hope u get better slappy
andrewmark16 also hope you feel better slappy
andrewmark16 slappy you could make a whole range of gamemodes ranging between factions to prison to survival gamodes etc and also ple ...

1 Year

SlappyGilmore aOWNER posted Sep 9, 14
This marks 1 year...

Hello everyone, SlappyGilmore here again and we're just coming at you with another update. We've recently got the ever so famous "EchoPet" plugin, and will be offering new pets along with our new ranks! Not only are we adding these, but we're also going to have a 25% off sale due to the 1 year anniversary. It's been a great year, and I don't regret much about it. You guys have been great to me, and I hope that goes both ways!

I've been running Minecraft servers since May 10, 2012; and it's a lot of fun. It's also a lot of hard work, but it's worth it to watch everyone have fun and know you've made it possible for others to enjoy their day after a long hard day at school. Now, I bought made a server after getting frustrated with the amount of abusive staff members were out there. None of the owners ever listened to me, even if the server I played on didn't have more than 5 players online! So it was decided and I started Insanitycraft, and now I'm here with you guys.

For the future of the server, we're still going to keep recruiting staff and inviting new players and we need your help. You can either advertise us on your youtube accounts, invite your friends. Everything helps, especially the money because with $50.00 we can advertise to up to around 30-50,000 people! Which can bring in a bunch of members to play along with you.
(Why not go ahead and throw us a contribution today, we're running the 25% off and I'll give you the coupon code "1YEAR" for an additional 10%. Happy crafting guys, I'll see you on the server!

redneckninja37 i need some help i aint able to login to the fatality prison server is it down for updates
johnny2345687 hi liquid


SlappyGilmore aOWNER posted Sep 6, 14
Replacing Previous Mistakes!

Hey guys, this is SlappyGilmore again. After a recent report made on the forums by our former guard BadBoy983, that we have too many over powered items. As a Minecraft player myself I've never liked the OP version of Minecraft and I'm pretty upset that we've overwhelmingly dropped a bunch of over powered items in drop parties. In order to gain new players we're going to start collecting a staff group any sword with enchantments over the normal enchants. We are replacing these said swords with personalized Diamond Swords with Sharpness 5, Unbreaking 3, Looting 3, and Fire Aspect 2.

Due Date: 9/10/14

We don't want to waste all of our spare time collecting all these items, so we'd appreciate if you'll come forward with the over powered swords. If we do not have the swords by the date above and we find you using them you will be jailed for a time up to 30 minutes, and we will not refund the sword when we take it! So please, we urge you turn them in as soon as possible.

Also, on top of collecting swords we're collecting anything with profanity in it, whether that's armor/swords/sticks/ect. Please report any player who has these items to a staff member immediately. We're not going to waste too much time looking for armor, but if you have anything over Protection 10 turn it in or dispose of it properly in lava or a disposal sign at spawn.

Thank you for your time, and please inform all players on the server as lack of knowledge will not be an accepted excuse!


On a side note for all of you players waiting so long for the magical plugin we like to call ChestShop it is now enabled! You can create your own personal shops at your plots!
Thank you for your dedication to the server, I'll see you online!

XandraAnderson http://i.imgur.com/UMllg3Q.png its not the best proof but my nickname was Alexandra and it says insane next to my name ...
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