LethalX a posted Oct 16, 15

Hello, my name is LethalX. I will be taking over the server and integrating a new basic game I like to call Fatality Bedrock. Now, this will be an economy based server and details will be discussed as things change. My schedule for work is Sun-Wed 6AM-6PM, I will be on as often as I can during my days off and some during my work days.

Key Points -

• All previous donation ranks will be returned with proof of purchase. 

(Please email all screenshots/proof to

• The server will be an economy based farming server.

(All recommendations are welcome, feel free to email again)

• Staff ranks will be limited to 1 admin position, 2 moderator positions and 5 chat protection positions.

(Admins/Mods will have the ability to build and tweak spawn issues to an extent)

• I would love to have assistance with the server and help building it!

(Email at or add me on KIK Messenger @ SirLethalX)

space_eagle_246 A new owner, perfect.. Anyway I hopped on minecraft and like everyone is saying, servers not up?
Hunnic By the way, do you also own InsanityCraft? Because I was mod on that and it is now whitelisted lol
Hunnic We can help when your at work we can help and build some stuff if you want
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